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Kittens - The Foolish Kitten

Oh! Tittens, he fancied to dine off the fish
That floated about in their elegant dish,
And often he eyed with a covetous wish
The prettiest one in the water.

All skimming, swimming sliding, gliding,
Little fins her movements guiding,
Upwards now, then downwards riding,
Oh! if he could but have caught her!

So Tittens one day tried to catch at a fin,
When sudden the kitten went floundering in,
All struggling and kicking, and drenched to the skin,
His head and his shoulders right over!

Tail lashing, splashing, soaking, choking,
Was ever accident so provoking!
Till his mistress, laughing, joking,
Pulled out the poor little rover!



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