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Kittens - The Frightened Kittens

"Dear! oh, dear! a dog is near!"
Cried Tittens, ready to die with fear;
"One scratch of his claw, one gripe of his paw,
Would finish us off in a minute!"

Then Tit he trembled, and Tiny too,
As if a lion had come in view;
When a mastiff tall entered the hall,
And looked around like the lord of all.

"Oh! will not he bite?" cried she,
"Oh! will not he fight?" cried he.
"If fight must be," said Tiny, "we
Will not be the first to begin it!"

But the noble mastiff, brave and strong,
Would not do a feeble kitten wrong.
'Tis cowards seek, to hurt the weak;
He would not have worried a linnet!



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