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Kids Nursery Rhymes and Poems
all beginning with the letter L

L's  For the Lions; they made
such a fierce noise;
Laura wished she were safety
At home with the boys.

Ladies Ride Lady Bird
Ladybird Ladybird Lambs
Lavender Blue Lavenders Blue Dilly Dilly
Lawn As White As Driven Snow Lazy Jane
Lazy Mary Lazy Tom
Learning To Go Alone Leatherty Patch
Leg Over Leg Life Is But A Dream
Lily's Awakening Limerick
Little Little Arabella Miller
Little Betty Blue Little Blackey Tops
Little Blue Betty Little Bo Peep
Little Bobby Snooks Little Boy Blue
Little Boy Pretty Boy Little Cock Robin
Little Cock Sparrow Little Fred
Little General Monk Little Girl Little Girl
Little Girls Must Not Fret Little Jack Horner
Little Jack Jelf Little Jack Jingle
Little Jenny Wren 1 Little Jenny Wren 2
Little Jumping Joan Little King Boggen
Little Maid Little Miss Donnet
Little Miss Lily You're Dreadfully Silly Little Moppet
Little Miss Muffet Little Nancy Etticoat
Little Miss Patty And Master Paul Little Poll Parrot
Little Polly Flinders Little RainDrops
Little Robin Redbreast 1 Little Robin Redbreast 2
Little Sally Walker Little Sammy Soapsuds
Little Sister Little Tee Wee
Little Things Little Tommy Grace
Little Tommy Tittlemouse Little Tommy Tucker
Little White Feathers Lock and Key
London Bells London Bridge Is Broken
London Bridge Is Falling Down London Fisherman
London Town London's Burning
Long Ago Looking Forward
Looking-Glass River Lost Lost Lost
Lovely Dresses And Ribbons And Laces Lucy Locket Lost Her Pocket
Lullaby For Baby Lullay Lullay
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