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Kids Nursery Rhymes and Poems
all beginning with the letter A

A  is For the Antelope always on view
Which Algernon saw,
When he went to the zoo

A  is For the Antelope A B C And D
A Big Shoe A Boys Thanksgiving Day
A Busy Dear A Carrion Crow Sat On An Oak
A Cat Came Fiddling Out Of A Barn A Cock And Bull Story
A Difficult Rhyme A Diller A Dollar
A Dimple On Your Cheek A Duck And A Drake
A Farmer Went Trotting Upon His Grey Mare A Fiddler
A Flea And A Fly A Flying Visit
A Frog He Would A Wooing Go A Good Boy
A Good Play A Grand Parade
A Gunner Chanced To Come That Way A Hopeless Case
A Hunting We Will Go A Jumper Of Ditches
A King Met A King A Kiss When I Wake
A Lark A Little Man
A Little Old Man A Man And A Maid
A May-Day Song A Melancholy Song
A Memory A Milking
A Mothers Meeting A Needle And Thread
A Nick And A Nock A Pie Sat On A Pear Tree
A Pinch Of Salt A Race
A Rash Stipulation A Rising Doctor
A Sailor Went To Sea Sea Sea A Sailor's Yarn
A Seasonable Song A Sharp Lover
A Short Sweet Tale A Slippery Gap
A Strange Thing A Sure Test
A Swarm Of Bees In May A Thought
A Tisket A Tasket A Was An Archer
A Wasted Journey A Week Of Birthdays
A Well A Wild Flower Alphabet
A Wise Old Owl A Wish
ABC and Tumble Down D About The Bush
Adam And Eve And Pinchme Alas Alas
All But Blind All The Verses Are Read Dears
Ally Bally An Alphabet Of Names
An Apple A Day An Apple Pie
An April Day 1 An April Day 2
An Odd Way Of Life Animal Alphabet
Ann Ann Come Quick Anna Maria
Any One Apple Harvest
Apple Pie Armies In The Fire
Army And Navy Around The Garden
Around The Green Gravel As I Sat Under A Sycamore Tree
As I Walked By Myself As I Was Going Along
As I Was Going To Charing Cross As I Was Going To Sell My Eggs
As I Was Going To St Ives As I Was Going Up A Hill
As I Was Sitting As I Went To Bonner
As Tommy Snooks And Bessy Brooks At The Sea-Side
Auntie's Skirts Autumn Fires
Away Birds Away  
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