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Kids Nursery Rhymes and Poems
all beginning with the letter F

F  Was the Fox
Very crafty and sly,
Watching Frank from his den
With a cunning old eye.


Face Play Fair Maiden
Fairy Bread Falling Snow
Farewell To The Farm Father Father
Father Grey-Beard Father William
Fee Fie Foh Fum Fiddle De Dee
Fingers And Toes Five Currant Buns
Five Fat Sausages Five Fluffy Little Robins
Five Green And Speckled Frogs Five Little Astronauts
Five Little Ducks Five Little Mice
Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed Five Little Snowmen
Five Toes Fleas
For A Naughty Girl For Every Evil
For Want Of A Nail Forehead Eyes Cheeks Nose Mouth And Chin
Foreign Children Foreign Lands
Four And Twenty Tailors Four Currant Buns
Four Ducks On A Pond Four Good Friends
Frere Jacques - English Version Frere Jacques - French Version
From A Railway Carriage  
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