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Kids Nursery Rhymes and Poems
all beginning with the letter I

I  Was the Ibex,
A kind of wild goat.
Ida thought his horns nasty,
But liked his fine coat.


I Am A Pretty Little Dutch Girl I Am Of Ireland
I Asked My Mother I Don't Want To Go To Mexico
I Dreamed  A Dream Next Tuesday I Had A Little Castle
I Had A Little Dog I Had A Little Doggy
I Had A Little Doll I Had A Little Hen
I Had A Little Hobbyhorse I Had A Little Horse
I Had A Little Husband I Had A Little Moppet
I Had A Little Nut Tree I Had A Little Pony
I Have A Little Cough I Have A Little Sister
I Have No Name I Heard A Horseman
I Know A Child I Love Little Pussy
I Love Sixpence I Love You Well My Little Brother
I Must Not Tease My Mother I Must Not Throw
I Saw A Fish Pond I Saw A Sea Saw
I Saw A Ship A Sailing I Saw Three Ships On New Year's Day
I See The Moon I Walked Abroad
I Went To Town I Will Not Vex My Pussy
I Won't Be My Fathers Jack Ice Cream
Ice Cream A Penny A Lump Icicles
If All The Seas If All The World Was Apple Pie
If All The World Were Paper If Ever I See
If I Had A Donkey If I'd As Much Money As I Could Spend
If Ifs And Ans If The Evenings Red
If The Oak Is Out Before The Ash If Wishes Were Horses
If You Are To Be A Gentleman If You're Happy And You Know It
I'll Sing I'll Tell You A Story
I'll Tell You A Story About John-A-Nory I'm A Dingly Dangly Scarecrow
I'm A Little Teapot I'm His Highness Dog
I've Come From A Land In A Cottage In A Wood
In A Village In April Come He Will
In Jumping And Tumbling In Marble Halls As White As Milk
In The Days Of Long Ago In The Firelight
In Winter When Fields Are White Incy Wincy Spider
Infants Song Ink Spink
Intery Mintery Cutery Corn It Serves Him Right
Its Raining Its Pouring I've Come From A Land
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