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Kids Nursery Rhymes and Poems
all beginning with the letter O

O's  For the Ostrich,
A wise-looking bird,
But Olga remembered
The tales she had heard.

O Dear What Can The Matter Be O Rose
Obliging Mr Hammer Of All The Birds
Oh Dear Mother Oh Dearest Bess
Oh Little Child Oh Little Jackey
Oh Ring The Bells Oh What Have You Got for Dinner Mrs Bond?
Oh Where Oh Where Do Fairies Hide
Oh Ye Cannae Shove Yer Grannie Aff A Bus (Scots) Old Adam Brown
Old Chairs Old Clothes I Cry
Old Grimes Old King Cole
Old Macdonald Had A Farm Old Man And A Bee
Old Mother Goose - Complete 15 Verses Old Mother Hubbard - Complete 15 Verses
Old Mother Twitchett Old Mr Match
Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe Oliver Cromwell Is Buried and Dead
On A Tired Housewife On Christmas Eve
On Digital Extremities On Saturday Night
On The Bridge Of Avignon On The First Of March
Once A Time Once I Caught A Fish
Once I Saw A Little Bird One And One (Two little girls are better than one}
One Day Sing Ho Ho One Finger One Thumb
One For Sorrow One For The Money
One He Loves One I Love
One Leaf For Fame One Misty Morning
One Stormy Night One Two Buckle My Shoe
One Two Three Four Ones None
Oranges And Lemons Over In The Meadow
Over The Garden Wall Over The Water
Overheard In The Corn Field  
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