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Kids Nursery Rhymes and Poems
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T's  For the Tiger
That gave Tim a fright;
He was horribly scared
Lest they got out at night.

Table Manners Taffy was a Welshman
Tea In The Woods Teddy Bear Teddy Bear
Teddy Bears Picnic Tell Me Where
Tell Tale Tit Ten Green Bottles
Ten In A Bed Ten Little Boys
Ten Little Indians Ten Little Pigs
That I Was An English Girl The Alphabet
The Animals Went In Two By Two The Ants Go Marching
The Apple Tree The Baby's Dance
The Bailiff Beareth The Balloon
The Barber The Bees Sneeze And Wheeze
The Big Ship Sails The Bird Scarer
The Blacksmith The Bow That Has No Arrow
The Boy The Boy In The Barn
The Bumble Bee The Butterfly
The Carrion Crow 1 The Carrion Crow 2
The Cat Walks On Padded Claws The Chase
The Chatelaine The Chatterbox
The Child's Monitor The Circus-Day Parade
The Clever Hen The Clock
The Clockwork Doll The Coachman
The Cock And The Hen The Cock Doth Crow
The Cocks On The House Top The Cookoo And Canary
The Cottage Children's Saturday Evening The Cow 1
The Cow 2 The Crocodile
The Cuckoo The Cuckoo's A Fine Bird
The Cure The Day
The Day They Spent At The Seaside The Derby Ram
The Difference The Dinkey-Bird
The Dirty Boy The Disgruntled Husband
The Dogs Of The Monks The Donkey
The Dove And The Wren The Dream
The Duck And The Kangaroo The Duel
The Dumb Soldier The Dunce
The Dusty Miller The Embarrassing Episode Of Little Miss Muffet
The Fair Maid Of May The Fairies
The Fairy Folk The Farmer And The Raven
The Farmer Sows His Seeds The Farmers In His Den
The Ferry Of Shadowtown The Field Daisy
The First Of May The Flowers
The Forgotten Latchkey The Fortunes Of War
The Fox And The Farmer The Frost
The Funny Little Fellow The Garden Seat
The Gardener The Gates Of Fame
The Gaudy Flower The Girl And The Birds
The Girl In The Lane The Good Little Girls
The Good Natured Girls The Grand Old Duke Of York
The Grave Old Clock The Greedy Boy
The Greedy Little Pitchers The Greenhorn
The Grizzly Bear The Hart
The Hayloft The Hedgehog
The Hero The Hobby-Horse
The Honey Bee The Horse Shoe
The House That Jack Built The Hunter Of Reigate
The Huntsmen The Jumblies
The Kilkenny Cats The Kind Mother Bird
The King Is Cross The King Of Chinas Daughter
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