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Kids Nursery Rhymes and Poems
all beginning with the letter T  page 2

T's  For the Tiger
That gave Tim a fright;
He was horribly scared
Lest they got out at night.

The King Of Clubs The King Of France
The Lady And The Crocodile The Lady Loved A Swine
The Lamplighter The Land Of Counterpane
The Land Of Nod The Lecture
The Lion And The Unicorn The Little Bird
The Little Black Dog The Little Boy
The Little Boy And The Stars The Little Fat Goblin
The Little Girl Who Was Unkind The Little Girl With A Curl
The Little Land The Little Man Had A Little Gun
The Little Moppet The Little Mouse
The Little Rabbit The Little Star
The Little Wanderer The Little White Duck
The Lord Mayor The Lost Doll
The Lost Shoe The Malicious Brush
The Man In Our Town The Man In The Moon
The Man In The Wilderness The Man Of Derby
The Man Of Tobago The Man Who Had Naught
The Man Who Went Mad The Meadow Bout Fields
The Merchants Of London The Messenger
The Microbe The Miller Of Dee
The Miser The Modern Milkman
The Month Was April The Months
The Muffin Man The Neat Little Clock
The Nesting Hour The New Baby Brother
The New Moon The New Pelisse
The North Moors Spout The North Wind Doth Blow
The Old Man The Old Woman
The Old Woman And The Pedlar The Old Woman From France
The Old Woman Must Stand The Old Woman Of Banbury Cross
The Old Woman Of Exeter The Old Woman Of Gloucester
The Old Woman Of Harrow The Old Woman Of Leeds
The Old Woman Of Surrey The Old Woman Tossed Up In A Basket
The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe The Orphan
The Owl And The Pussy Cat The Owl
The Paddlers The Pet Hen
The Pin The Piper And His Cow
The Peace Of Christmas-Time The Piper
The Platypus The Proud Girl
The Proud Little Lady The Queen Of Hearts
The Quarrel The Quest
The Race The Recruit
The Refusal The Rhyme For Porringer
The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner The Robbers
The Robin And Wren The Robin Came To The Wrens Door
The Robins The Rock-A-By Lady
The Rose Is Red The Sailor And The Monkeys
The Sailor Bold The Selfish Child
The Skipping Rope The Smoothing Iron
The Snail The Snowman 1
The Snowman 2 The Soldiers’ Camp
The South Wind The Spider
The Spider To The Fly The Starling
The Sugar-Plum Tree The Sun Travels
The Swing The Sword
The Three Kittens The Three Sons
The Toys Frolic The Twins 1
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