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Our Special Riddles for Kids and Adults in the Family
from Kids Nursery Rhymes and Riddles
Note: Some are Very Difficult !

A Harmless Follower A Riddle As I Suppose
As I Was Going To St Ives As I Went Through
As Soft As Silk Before My Birth I Had A Name
Boom Bang A Bang Cloak And Dagger
Cobbler Cobbler Cuckoo Cuckoo
Displease I Could But Just With Blood Doubles Or Singles Only
Flour Of England Food For Thought
Formed Long Ago Fuel For Thought
Grandma Mine Hick A More
Higher Than A House I Am A Little Saucy Thing
I Am As Useful To The Nation I Fly To Many Foreign Parts
I Went To The Wood In Marble Walls
In Spring I Look Gay Jupiter Has But Sixteen
Just An Optical Illusion Little Nanny Etticoat
Lives In Winter Long Legs Crooked Thighs
Love At First Sight Make Three Fourths of a Cross
Man Or Woman Mathematicians Riddle
My Perfect Fake Never A Consonant
Not A Combination Not An Enclosure This Time
Old Mother Twitchett Over The Water
Peter Pan Lost His Purple Yellow Red And Green
Read My Riddle I Pray Route To Anywhere
Silk And Satin There Was A Girl
Thirty White Horses Thomas A Tattamus
Ticktock Ticktock Ticktock Title Of Respect
Toby Tickle Two Legs Sat
Unlock This Riddle Used In My Letter
We Are Both Just 21 What Is That Which Sweetens Life
Without Teeth It Bites Word Search Puzzle



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