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Terms Conditions and Frequently Asked Questions
for Kids Nursery Rhymes and Poems

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If we have inadvertently included copyright material.
Please send us full details and we will immediately take action.

ALSO NOTE: Much of our material is Copyright and although we have no objections
to anyone using it themselves, we expect to be given credit as follows:
With Thanks to www.kidsnurseryrhymes.co.uk for this rhyme.
We would like to thank everyone who over the years
have contributed valuable material for our sites - Many thanks for your help and co-operation.
We would appreciate your help if you have suitable material, web templates or links.
Please contact us by e-mail.
With all Our Thanks To Any Source That I Have Inadvertently Failed to Mention Below
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Q.     Is the midi music copyright or are we allowed to copy the files?
A.     As far as we are aware, they are all in the public domain and have no objections to your using them.
         However our site design and layout etc certainly is copyright as stated at the bottom of each page.
         Please advise us if we have inadvertently used copyright material and we will remove it immediately.
Q.      Why are some of your rhymes not Nursery Rhymes?
A.      Many of our visitors have recommended children's poems or nursery rhymes to us.
          About 10% are actually children's poems.
Q.     What are 'Faraway Lands'?
A.     They are very special sites for your enjoyment. We highly recommend you check out these other sites
Q.     What are the copyright regulations with old recordings?
In the UK, the Copyright of any recording expires 50 years after the date of release.
         Check Out -  http://www.opsi.gov.uk/acts/acts1988/ukpga_19880048_en_2#pt1-ch1-pb4-l1g13


If you know any Nursery Rhymes we have not included. Please send them to us by email


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