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Kids Nursery Rhymes and Poems
all beginning with the letter D

D's For the Deer
With the soft pretty eyes;
Doris found them so tame
She had quite a surprise.

Daffodils 1 Daffodils 2
Daisy Daisy Dame Trot
Dame Trot And Her Cat Dance Little Baby
Dance Tae Yer Daddy (Scots) Dance Thumbkin Dance
Dance To Your Daddie Dapple-Gray
Deaf Martha Deep Blue Sea
Defiance Dickery Dickery Dare
Did You Ever See A Lassie Diddle Diddle Dumpling
Diddlety Diddlety Dumpty Ding Dong Bell
Dinner Table Rhymes Dirty Jim
Do Diddle Di Do Do Not I
Do Right Dobbins Friend
Doctor Bell Doctor Faustus
Doctor Fell Doctor Foster
Dr Keys Answer Dollys Crib
Dolly's Tea Party Donkey Donkey
Don't Care Doodle Doodle Doo
Down At The Bus Stop Down By The Bay
Draw A Pail Of Water Dressing A Baby
Dribble Ducks And Drakes
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