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Complete List for all Kids and the Family
from Kids Nursery Rhymes and Riddles

A  is For the Antelope always on view
Which Algernon saw,
When he went to the zoo

A  is For the Antelope A B C And D
A Big Shoe A Boys Thanksgiving Day
A Busy Dear A Carrion Crow Sat On An Oak
A Cat Came Fiddling Out Of A Barn A Cock And Bull Story
A Difficult Rhyme A Diller A Dollar
A Dimple On Your Cheek A Duck And A Drake
A Farmer Went Trotting Upon His Grey Mare A Fiddler
A Flea And A Fly A Flying Visit
A Frog He Would A Wooing Go A Good Boy
A Good Play A Grand Parade
A Gunner Chanced To Come That Way A Hopeless Case
A Hunting We Will Go A Jumper Of Ditches
A King Met A King A Kiss When I Wake
A Lark A Little Man
A Little Old Man A Man And A Maid
A May-Day Song A Melancholy Song
A Memory A Milking
A Mothers Meeting A Needle And Thread
A Nick And A Nock A Pie Sat On A Pear Tree
A Pinch Of Salt A Race
A Rash Stipulation A Rising Doctor
A Sailor Went To Sea Sea Sea A Sailor's Yarn
A Seasonable Song A Sharp Lover
A Short Sweet Tale A Slippery Gap
A Strange Thing A Sure Test
A Swarm Of Bees In May A Thought
A Tisket A Tasket A Was An Archer
A Wasted Journey A Week Of Birthdays
A Well A Wild Flower Alphabet
A Wise Old Owl A Wish
ABC and Tumble Down D About The Bush
Adam And Eve And Pinchme Alas Alas
All But Blind All The Verses Are Read Dears
Ally Bally An Alphabet Of Names
An Apple A Day An Apple Pie
An April Day 1 An April Day 2
An Odd Way Of Life Animal Alphabet
Ann Ann Come Quick Anna Maria
Any One Apple Harvest
Apple Pie Armies In The Fire
Army And Navy Around The Garden
Around The Green Gravel As I Sat Under A Sycamore Tree
As I Walked By Myself As I Was Going Along
As I Was Going To Charing Cross As I Was Going To Sell My Eggs
As I Was Going To St Ives As I Was Going Up A Hill
As I Was Sitting As I Went To Bonner
As Tommy Snooks And Bessy Brooks At The Sea-Side
Auntie's Skirts Autumn Fires
Away Birds Away  
B  Was the Bear
That came up at a run
When Benjamin threw him
A very nice Bun.
Baa Baa Black Sheep Baa Baa White Sheep
Baby And I Baby Dolly
Baby Things Baker, Baker, Please To Make
Ballad Of The Jelly-Cake Banbury Cross
Bandy Legs Barber Barber
Barney Bodkin Bat Bat
Bed In Summer Bedtime
Beg Parding Mrs Harding Bell Horses
Bessies Song To Her Doll Bessy Bell And Mary Gray
Betty Botter Bought Some Butter Billy Billy
Billy Boy BINGO
Bird Song Birds Of A Feather
Bits Of Paper Black I Am And Much Admired
Bless You Bless You Bless
Bless You Bonnie Bee Blind Man's Buff
Block City Blow Wind Blow
Blowing Bubbles Blue Bell Boy
Bo Peep And Boy Blue Bobby Shaftoe
Bonnie Bee Bonny Sailor Boy
Booman Bow Wow
Bow Wow Wow Boy And Girl
Boy And The Sparrow Boys And Girls
Brave News Is Come To Town Bread And Milk
Brian O'lin Bring Back Your Sheep
Brow Bender Burnie Bee
Buttercup Poppy Forget-Me-Not Buttons
Bye Baby Bunting  
C's For the Camel;
"Poor thing, what a lump!"
Was what Caroline said
When she looked at his hump.

Cackle Cackle Caesar's Song
Cat Ate The Dumplings Chanticleer
Charley Barley Butter And Eggs Charley Charley
Children Picking Up Our Bones Christmas 1
Christmas 2 Christmas Eve 1
Christmas Eve 2 Christmas Treasures
Chuck Chuck Clap Handies
Clap Hands Clap Hands Cobbler Cobbler
Cobbler Mend My Shoe Cock A Doodle Doo
Cock Robin Cocks Crow
Coffee And Tea Colin
Colours Combing The Hair
Come Butter Come Come Buy
Come Hither Sweet Robin Come Into The Meadows
Come Lets To Bed Come Play In The Garden
Come Unto These Yellow Sands Come When Called
Comical Folk Cradle Song
Croodlin Doo Cross Patch
Cry Baby Cuckoo Cherry Tree
Cuckoo Cuckoo Curly Locks Curly Locks
Cushy Cow Cut Thistles In May
D's For the Deer
With the soft pretty eyes;
Doris found them so tame
She had quite a surprise.

Daffodils 1 Daffodils 2
Daisy Daisy Dame Trot
Dame Trot And Her Cat Dance Little Baby
Dance Tae Yer Daddy (Scots) Dance Thumbkin Dance
Dance To Your Daddie Dapple-Gray
Deaf Martha Deep Blue Sea
Defiance Dickery Dickery Dare
Did You Ever See A Lassie Diddle Diddle Dumpling
Diddlety Diddlety Dumpty Ding Dong Bell
Dinner Table Rhymes Dirty Jim
Do Diddle Di Do Do Not I
Do Right Dobbins Friend
Doctor Bell Doctor Faustus
Doctor Fell Doctor Foster
Dr Keys Answer Dollys Crib
Dolly's Tea Party Donkey Donkey
Don't Care Doodle Doodle Doo
Down At The Bus Stop Down By The Bay
Draw A Pail Of Water Dressing A Baby
Dribble Ducks And Drakes
E Was the Elephant;
Sixpence a ride but
Eric soon found that
You can't sit astride!

Early To Bed
Eeny Meeny Miny Mo
Eeper Weeper
Elizabeth Elspeth Betsey And Bess
Elsie Marley
Escape At Bedtime
Evening Red
Every Lady in This Land

F  Was the Fox
Very crafty and sly,
Watching Frank from his den
With a cunning old eye.


Face Play Fair Maiden
Fairy Bread Falling Snow
Farewell To The Farm Father Father
Father Grey-Beard Father William
Fee Fie Foh Fum Fiddle De Dee
Fingers And Toes Five Currant Buns
Five Fat Sausages Five Fluffy Little Robins
Five Green And Speckled Frogs Five Little Astronauts
Five Little Ducks Five Little Mice
Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed Five Little Snowmen
Five Toes Fleas
For A Naughty Girl For Every Evil
For Want Of A Nail Forehead Eyes Cheeks Nose Mouth And Chin
Foreign Children Foreign Lands
Four And Twenty Tailors Four Currant Buns
Four Ducks On A Pond Four Good Friends
Frere Jacques - English Version Frere Jacques - French Version
From A Railway Carriage  

G's  The giraffe which made
Geraldine smile;
She was sure with his neck,
She could see quite a mile.


Gee Up Neddy To The Fair Gentle Jesus, Meek And Mild
George And The Chimney Sweep George Bernard Shaw's Opus 1
Georgie Porgie Ginger
Girls And Boys Go To Bed First
Go To Bed Late Going To Bed
Going A Maying Going To School
Golden Goose Golden Slumbers
Good Advice Good And Bad Children
Good Night And Good Morning Good Reader
Goodnight Sleep Tight Goose Wing Chariot
Goosey Goosey Gander Gossip
Grandmas Spectacles Grandma's Train
Grannies And Grandpas Gray Goose
Great A Little A Greedy Ben
Greedy Little Miss Jane Green Cheese
Green Holly Green Peas And Mutton Pies
Gregory Griggs  

H  Was the Hippo
Asleep in his pool,
Harry thought it an excellent
Way to keep cool.


Had Four Brothers Handy Pandy
Happy Hearts And Happy Faces Happy Thought
Hark Hark The Dogs Do Bark Hat And Feather
Hay Maker He Comes In The Night (Father Christmas)
He That Would Thrive Head Shoulders Knees And Toes
Hector Protector Heeper Peeper Chimney Sweeper
Heigh Ho The Carrion Crow Here Comes A Poor Woman From Babyland
Here Goes My Lord Here Lies Our Mutton King
Here We Go Here We Go Gathering Nuts In May
Here We Go Round A Ginger Ring Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush
Here We Go Up Here's A Leg For A Stocking
Here's Sulky Sue Here's The Church
Here's The Snow Hey Diddle Diddle The Cat and the Fiddle
Hey Diddle Diddle And Hey Diddle Dee Hey Diddle Dinkety
Hey Nonny Hiccup Hiccup
Hickety Pickety Hickory Dickory Dare
Hickory Dickory Dock Hide And Seek
High In The Pine Tree Highty Cock O
Hi-Spy Higglety Pigglety Pop
Historical Associations Hogs In The Garden
Hokey Pokey Hold Fast! Let Go - Kids Game
Holiday Song Home Sweet Home
Hop A Little Jump A Little Horse Shoe Nail
Horsey Horsey Don't You Stop Hot Codlins
Hot Cross Buns How Beauty Contrived To Get Square With The Beast
How Doth The Little Crocodile How Large Unto The Fly
How Little Red Riding Hood Came To Be Eaten How Many Days Has Baby
How Many Miles To Babylon How Much Wood Would A Woodchuck Chuck
Humpty Dumpty and the Alternative Version Hunt The Ring
Hunt The Slipper Hush A Bye
Hush A Bye Baby Hush A Bye Colin
Hush Baby My Dolly Hush Little Baby Don't Say A Word
Hush Ye  

I  Was the Ibex,
A kind of wild goat.
Ida thought his horns nasty,
But liked his fine coat.


I Am A Pretty Little Dutch Girl I Am Of Ireland
I Asked My Mother I Don't Want To Go To Mexico
I Dreamed  A Dream Next Tuesday I Had A Little Castle
I Had A Little Dog I Had A Little Doggy
I Had A Little Doll I Had A Little Hen
I Had A Little Hobbyhorse I Had A Little Horse
I Had A Little Husband I Had A Little Moppet
I Had A Little Nut Tree I Had A Little Pony
I Have A Little Cough I Have A Little Sister
I Have No Name I Heard A Horseman
I Know A Child I Love Little Pussy
I Love Sixpence I Love You Well My Little Brother
I Must Not Tease My Mother I Must Not Throw
I Saw A Fish Pond I Saw A Sea Saw
I Saw A Ship A Sailing I Saw Three Ships On New Year's Day
I See The Moon I Walked Abroad
I Went To Town I Will Not Vex My Pussy
I Won't Be My Fathers Jack Ice Cream
Ice Cream A Penny A Lump Icicles
If All The Seas If All The World Was Apple Pie
If All The World Were Paper If Ever I See
If I Had A Donkey If I'd As Much Money As I Could Spend
If Ifs And Ans If The Evenings Red
If The Oak Is Out Before The Ash If Wishes Were Horses
If You Are To Be A Gentleman If You're Happy And You Know It
I'll Sing I'll Tell You A Story
I'll Tell You A Story About John-A-Nory I'm A Dingly Dangly Scarecrow
I'm A Little Teapot I'm His Highness Dog
I've Come From A Land In A Cottage In A Wood
In A Village In April Come He Will
In Jumping And Tumbling In Marble Halls As White As Milk
In The Days Of Long Ago In The Firelight
In Winter When Fields Are White Incy Wincy Spider
Infants Song Ink Spink
Intery Mintery Cutery Corn It Serves Him Right
Its Raining Its Pouring I've Come From A Land
J   Was the Jaguar
Like a big cat,
But Jane didn't think
She would like him to pat!

Jack A Nory
Jack And Jill
Jack And His Fiddle
Jack Be Nimble
Jack Jelf
Jack Jingle
Jack Sprat Could Eat No Fat
Jack Sprat Had A Pig
Jacob And Joseph
January Brings The Snow
Jenny Wren
Jerry Hall
Jest 'Fore Christmas
Jingle Bells
John Boatman
John Cook
John Gilpin
John Jones Laid Him Down
John Saw A Frog
John Smith
John Was A Bad Boy
John Wesley
Johnny Shall Have A New Bonnet
Johnny's Frolic
Jolly Miller
Jolly Red Nose
Jumping Jeremiah Jumped In The Fire
Jumping Joan
Just Like Me
K  Was the Kangaroo
Off with a bound;
A fine way, thought Ken,
To get over the ground.

Keepsake Mill
King Boggen
King Stephen Was A Worthy King
King's Sutton Is A Pretty Town
Kite  "I often sit and wish that I"
Kittens - The Cross Kitten
Kittens - The Disappointed Kitten
Kittens - The Foolish Kitten
Kittens - The Frightened Kittens
Kittens - The Greedy Kitten
Kittens - The Merry Kitten
Knee Ride
Knick Knack Paddy Whack
Knock At The Door
Kookaburra Sits In The Old Gum Tree
L's  For the Lions; they made
such a fierce noise;
Laura wished she were safety
At home with the boys.

Ladies Ride Lady Bird
Ladybird Ladybird Lambs
Lavender Blue Lavenders Blue Dilly Dilly
Lawn As White As Driven Snow Lazy Jane
Lazy Mary Lazy Tom
Learning To Go Alone Leatherty Patch
Leg Over Leg Life Is But A Dream
Lily's Awakening Limerick
Little Little Arabella Miller
Little Betty Blue Little Blackey Tops
Little Blue Betty Little Bo Peep
Little Bobby Snooks Little Boy Blue
Little Boy Pretty Boy Little Cock Robin
Little Cock Sparrow Little Fred
Little General Monk Little Girl Little Girl
Little Girls Must Not Fret Little Jack Horner
Little Jack Jelf Little Jack Jingle
Little Jenny Wren 1 Little Jenny Wren 2
Little Jumping Joan Little King Boggen
Little Maid Little Miss Donnet
Little Miss Lily You're Dreadfully Silly Little Moppet
Little Miss Muffet Little Nancy Etticoat
Little Miss Patty And Master Paul Little Poll Parrot
Little Polly Flinders Little RainDrops
Little Robin Redbreast 1 Little Robin Redbreast 2
Little Sally Walker Little Sammy Soapsuds
Little Sister Little Tee Wee
Little Things Little Tommy Grace
Little Tommy Tittlemouse Little Tommy Tucker
Little White Feathers Lock and Key
London Bells London Bridge Is Broken
London Bridge Is Falling Down London Fisherman
London Town London's Burning
Long Ago Looking Forward
Looking-Glass River Lost Lost Lost
Lovely Dresses And Ribbons And Laces Lucy Locket Lost Her Pocket
Lullaby For Baby Lullay Lullay
M's   For the Monkeys,
all patter and chatter,
But Miles couldn't tell
What on earth was the matter.

M. N. O. Our Pussy's In The Snow Magpie
Make Believe Maiden In The Moor Lay
Mama's Gonna Buy You A Mockingbird Man Of Words And Not Of Deeds
March Winds And April Showers Marching Song
Margaret Wrote A Letter Mary At The Kitchen Door
Mary Had A Little Lamb Mary Had A Pretty Bird
Mary Mary Quite Contrary Mary's Canary
Master I Have And I Am His Man Mathew Mark Luke And John
Matilda Who Told Lies Such Dreadful Lies Me Came Floatee In A Boatee
Me Myself And I Merry Are The Bells
Merry Games Michael Finnigan
Michael Row The Boat Ashore Milk Man Where Have You Been
Millions Of Rain Drops Mirror Mirror
Mirth And Play Mischief
Miss Polly Had A Dolly Mistress Mary
Mockingbird Molly My Sister
Mondays Child Is Fair Of Face Money And The Mare
Mother May I Mother Mitchell
Motion Mr Bickerstaff
Mr East Mr Finney
Mr Nobody Mr Worm
Mrs Purrers Mewing Loud Mrs Snipkin And Mrs Wobblechin
Mrs Sparrow Mulberry Hill
Multiplication My Bed Is A Boat
My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean (Scots) My Books
My Brother Has A Hobby Horse My Dears Do You Know
My Grandfathers Clock My Kingdom
My Kitten My Lady Wind
My Little Old Man My Love
My Maid Mary My Mother Said Never Play With Gipsies
My Mother My Name Is Ching
My Pretty Maid My Shadow
My Ship And I My Treasures
My Uncle Arly Myself
N's  For the Nilgai
Which jumped off a rock;
He took such a leap that
Nell had quite a shock.

Naebody (Scots)
Names For The Fingers
Names For The Toes
Nancy Dawson
Naughty Baby
Needles And Pins
Negligent Mary
Nest Eggs
Nick And Nock
Night And Day by Robert Louis Stevenson
Nine Little Goblins
Norse Lullaby
North-West Passage
Now All Of You Give Heed Unto
Now All Of You
Now We Dance Looby Looby
O's  For the Ostrich,
A wise-looking bird,
But Olga remembered
The tales she had heard.

O Dear What Can The Matter Be O Rose
Obliging Mr Hammer Of All The Birds
Oh Dear Mother Oh Dearest Bess
Oh Little Child Oh Little Jackey
Oh Ring The Bells Oh What Have You Got for Dinner Mrs Bond?
Oh Where Oh Where Do Fairies Hide
Oh Ye Cannae Shove Yer Grannie Aff A Bus (Scots) Old Adam Brown
Old Chairs Old Clothes I Cry
Old Grimes Old King Cole
Old Macdonald Had A Farm Old Man And A Bee
Old Mother Goose - Complete 15 Verses Old Mother Hubbard - Complete 15 Verses
Old Mother Twitchett Old Mr Match
Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe Oliver Cromwell Is Buried and Dead
On A Tired Housewife On Christmas Eve
On Digital Extremities On Saturday Night
On The Bridge Of Avignon On The First Of March
Once A Time Once I Caught A Fish
Once I Saw A Little Bird One And One (Two little girls are better than one}
One Day Sing Ho Ho One Finger One Thumb
One For Sorrow One For The Money
One He Loves One I Love
One Leaf For Fame One Misty Morning
One Stormy Night One Two Buckle My Shoe
One Two Three Four Ones None
Oranges And Lemons Over In The Meadow
Over The Garden Wall Over The Water
Overheard In The Corn Field  
P's  For the Parrot
That had lots to say,
And tried to peck Paul,
As he passed by that way.

Paint Box People Pairs Or Pears
Pancake Day Pat A Cake
Pease Pudding Hot (Pease Porridge Hot) Pedlar
Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater Peter Piper - Tongue Twister
Peter Rabbit Peter White Will Never Go Right
Pets Phil's Secret
Pick A Back Up To Bed Picture Books In Winter
Piggie On The Railway Lines Piggy Wig And Piggy Wee
Piggy Wiggy Wee Pins (See a pin and pick it up)
Pippen Hill Pirate Story by Robert Louis Stevenson
Pittypat And Tippytoe Play Days
Playgrounds Playing Graces
Play Play Every Day Please Remember
Polly Dolly Kate And Molly Polly Put The Kettle On
Poor Jenny Sits A Weeping Poor Mary Sat A Weeping
Poor Old Robinson Crusoe Poor Robin (The north wind doth blow)
Pop Goes The Weasel Pretty Flowers
Pretty John Watts Pretty Little Dutch Girl
Pretty Maid Punch And Judy
Purple Cow Puss In The Corner - Children's Game
Pussy Cat Mew Pussy Cat Mole
Pussy Cat Pussy Cat Pussycat Pussycat Where Have You Been
Pussy Sits Beside The Fire Pussy's Lesson
Q's  For the Quagga
Which Quentin found tame;
He is quite like a Zebra,
with stripes and a mane.

Queen Anne Queen Anne
R  Is the Rhino,
A fierce-looking beast;
Rosie watched him with awe
In the midst of a feast.

Rain Rain On The Green Grass
Rain Rain Go Away Rainbow
Red Sky At Night Remember Remember the Fifth of November
Rhymes For The Little Ones Rhymes Of The Months And Seasons
Riddle Me Ree Ride A Cockhorse To Banbury Cross
Ride Away Ride Away Ride Baby Ride
Riding To Market Ring A Ring O' Roses
Robert Barnes Robin A Bobin
Robin And Richard Robin Hood And Little John
Robin Red Breast Robin Redbreast 1
Robin Redbreast 2 Robin The Bobbin
Rock A Bye Rock A Bye Baby
Roistering Rolling Hoops
Rose And The Lily Roses
Rosy Apple Lemon Or Pear Round And Round The Garden
Round And Round The Rugged Rock Row Row Row Your Boat
Rub A Dub Dub Rules For Behaviour
Rumpelstiltskin Rutterkin
S  Is the snake which
Suzanne found asleep;
He was shiny and slimy
and made her flesh creep.

Sail A Boat Sally Go Round The Sun
Sammy Soapsuds Sand Castles
Sand Pies Saturday Sunday
Schoolroom Clock Sea Side Pleasures
See A Pin And Pick It Up See Saw Margery Daw
Seein Things Sell My Eggs
Seven Sisters In Patchwork Cloaks Shall I Sing Says The Lark
Shall We Go A-Shearing She Sells Seashells On The Seashore
Shipwrecked Shower
Simple Simon - Complete 14 Verses Sing A Song Of Sixpence
Sing Sing Singing by Robert Louis Stevenson
Sir Joshua Reynolds Six Little Mice Sat Down To Spin
Six Years Old Skip To My Lou
Sleep Baby Sleep Sleep Dolly  and  Wake Dolly
Sleep Sleep Sleepy Harry
Sleepy Head Slovenly Peter
Smiling Girls Sneeze
Snorri Pig Solomon Grundy
Someone Came Knocking Song Of Sixpence
Sophia's Fool's-Cap Spring Is Sprung
St Jerome’s Cat St Swithins Day
Star Light Star Bright Sticks And Stones
Strawberries Sulky Sue
Summer Sun Sunshine
Suppose Swan
Sweet And Low Sweet Baby
Sweet Benedict System by Robert Louis Stevenson

  For Letter T Nursery Rhymes 


V's  For the Vulture,
A big bird of prey,
Veronica saw him
And soon ran away!

Vintery Mintery Cutery Corn
W's  For the Wolf
Lying flat on the ground,
Though when Walter came near
He was up with a bound.

Wake Dolly  and  Sleep Dolly Walked By My Self
Wash The Dishes Washing And Dressing
Wayside Flowers Weather
Weather Wisdom Weddings And Funerals
Wee Willie Winkie We Saw A Ship
We're All In The Dumps What A Great Sea
What A Wonderful Bird The Frog Are What Are Heavy
What Are Little Boys Made Of What Are Little Girls Made Of
What Care I What Did I Dream
What Do They Call You What Might Have Been
What Polly Found In Her Stocking What's The News Of The Day
What's Your Name What's Your Name Mary Jane UK version
What's Your Name Mary Jane US version When - version 1
When - version 2 When A Twister A Twisting
When Clouds Appear When Daisies Pied And Violets Blue
When Good King Arthur Ruled This Land When I Was A Little Boy 1
When I Was A Little Boy 2 When I Was A Little He
When Icicles Hang When Jenny Wren Was Young
When Little Fred Went To Bed When The Snow Is On The Ground
When The Wind Where Are You Going To My Pretty Maid
Where Go The Boats Which Loved Best
Whistle White Bird Featherless
Who Are You Who Comes Here
Who Is So Merry Who Killed Cock Robin
Who Lies Here Who Will Wink First
Whole Duty Of Children Why May Not I Love Johnny
Widdicote Waddicote Widow From Babylon
Willie Wagtail Willie Winkie (Scots)
Willy Boy Willy Willy Wilkin
Wind The Bobbin Up Windy Nights by Robert Louis Stevenson
Winter Winter Nights
Winter Time Wishes
Wishing Witches Brew
Without A Bridle Woe
Wolf Woman Who Lived Under A Hill
Worn Old Chairs Would You Mary
Wynken Blynken And Nod  
X  Just looks on
and has nothing to do,
There's no creature that claims him
Through-out the whole Zoo.

X Y And Tumbledown Z
Z's  For the Zebra
That kept Zoe busy,
She counted his stripes
Till she felt she was dizzy.

Zip A Dee Doo Dah
Zodiac For The Nursery
Zum Gali
Zum Gali Gali



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