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Kids Nursery Rhymes and Poems
all beginning with the letter J

J   Was the Jaguar
Like a big cat,
But Jane didn't think
She would like him to pat!

Jack A Nory
Jack And Jill
Jack And His Fiddle
Jack Be Nimble
Jack Jelf
Jack Jingle
Jack Sprat Could Eat No Fat
Jack Sprat Had A Pig
Jacob And Joseph
January Brings The Snow
Jenny Wren
Jerry Hall
Jest 'Fore Christmas
Jingle Bells
John Boatman
John Cook
John Gilpin
John Jones Laid Him Down
John Saw A Frog
John Smith
John Was A Bad Boy
John Wesley
Johnny Shall Have A New Bonnet
Johnny's Frolic
Jolly Miller
Jolly Red Nose
Jumping Jeremiah Jumped In The Fire
Jumping Joan
Just Like Me
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